Sports Engineering in Education interactive resources gone live

The Mayden Foundation is pleased to support the addition of four publications to a national on-line resource library.

Four interactive resources based around Sports Engineering in Education have been published in the National STEM Centre eLibrary. Sportscience and Engineering in Education, The Physics of Tennis, The Science of Tennis and The Physics of Spin in Sport were developed by Cooke Associates (in association with the LTA, SEP and the IoP) between 2000 and 2009. They cover the physical concepts and engineering behind various sports from KS2 right up to undergraduate level material.

The resources are:

  • Sportscience and Engineering in Education looks at aspects of the national curriculum (KS2-4) in the context of today‚Äôs sports, including Formula 1 and tennis, as well as some of the underlying engineering (the design of sport shoes and swimming pool).
  • The Physics of Tennis focuses of how physical concepts are put into action in a game of tennis and is aimed at KS4-5.
  • The Science of Tennis covers the science and engineering of rackets, balls, shoes, surfaces and ball flight simulation:
  • The Physics of Spin in Sport provides information about the dynamics of flight for different projectiles in sport:

These resources have been kindly donated by Cooke Associates and some further on-going development will be funded through the Mayden Foundation over the course of this year.

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