New Healthcare Today website to be launched in March 2016

After a long pause the new Healthcare Today website is almost ready to be launched on an unsuspecting public, completely replacing the old website which has served us since 2006. We just have a few more bugs to sort out but a March launch is well within our sites. Despite the hiatus the old site has still managed to hold on to the number 4 spot on Google for the search term “healthcare news”, something we plan to build on through a coordinated campaign using social media.

FC-ES given fresh impetus at COP2

The recent International Climate Change Conference held in Paris made significant progress in getting agreement from nations globally to some demanding but necessary targets. A full day by day summary of proceedings is provided on the FC-ES blog at

The FC-ES team also held a side event at COP21 which was widely attended by around 300 delegates from a number of important global engineering institutions. Here is out trustee Alison on Climate Change TV

Revamp planned for Healthcare Today

Healthcare Today attracts thousands of visitors each day – but we’ve decided it needs a bit of a facelift and technology review. Analysis of how people use the site has encouraged us to go in a slightly different direction, focusing on cataloguing and tagging news stories and integrating it with Healthy Curiosity and social media, where all the action is. We plan to complete the changes by the end of the year.

Healthy Curiosity resumes

For this year’s project we have decided to resurrect an internal development, Healthy Curiosity. This public-facing website aims to build a network of health related connections through the crowd-sourcing of healthcare experience, especially relating to those with long term conditions. By comparing the experience and lifestyle choices (e.g. diet, exercise) of different people we aim to build up a picture of what seems to help people, statistically speaking. If you knew, for example, that 80% of people with arthritis had their symptoms partly alleviated by reducing their intake of instant coffee, as an arthritis sufferer you might want to give it a try…

Business Against Poverty and People Against Poverty launch

This week sees the launch of our two major web projects for this year: Business Against Poverty and People Against Poverty. The Mayden Foundation has been working with the charity over the last few months to migrate the former website into two distinct platforms so each can evolve separately and serve their respective audiences with more focus. The websites have been designed by Sarah Neal at Mayden and are now hosted on Mayden’s WordPress network.

Bible Reflections welcomes Jacqui

We are delighted to welcome Jacqui Catcheside to the Bible Reflections team. Having previously worked at Scripture Union Jacqui is currently returning to work after being a full time mum for a while.

Jacqui is replacing Joel Mennie as the website lead and will be primarily responsible for content and managing the community of writers.

Sports Engineering in Education interactive resources gone live

The Mayden Foundation is pleased to support the addition of four publications to a national on-line resource library.

Four interactive resources based around Sports Engineering in Education have been published in the National STEM Centre eLibrary. Sportscience and Engineering in Education, The Physics of Tennis, The Science of Tennis and The Physics of Spin in Sport were developed by Cooke Associates (in association with the LTA, SEP and the IoP) between 2000 and 2009. They cover the physical concepts and engineering behind various sports from KS2 right up to undergraduate level material.

The resources are:

  • Sportscience and Engineering in Education looks at aspects of the national curriculum (KS2-4) in the context of today’s sports, including Formula 1 and tennis, as well as some of the underlying engineering (the design of sport shoes and swimming pool).
  • The Physics of Tennis focuses of how physical concepts are put into action in a game of tennis and is aimed at KS4-5.
  • The Science of Tennis covers the science and engineering of rackets, balls, shoes, surfaces and ball flight simulation:
  • The Physics of Spin in Sport provides information about the dynamics of flight for different projectiles in sport:

These resources have been kindly donated by Cooke Associates and some further on-going development will be funded through the Mayden Foundation over the course of this year.

Mayden Foundation sponsors Leadership Seminar

The first Business Against Poverty seminar of the year was a departure from the usual evening format. The Mayden Foundation sponsored a seminar in Leadership by William Montgomery. Twenty five delegates descended on Hartham Park near Corsham in Wiltshire to be provided with a plethora of tools and techniques that leaders can use in business. William kindly donated his time for free and all the money raised by the delegate fees was consequently donated to the charity.

Foundation begins working with Business Against Poverty

This year the Mayden Foundation will be dedicating a significant proportion of its resources to supporting the work of Business Against Poverty. This will involve the creation of new web resources to enhance member benefits and exploring other initiatives to help raise the profile of the charity.